BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE. THE PUBLIC SCULPTURES OF NOVI SAD (08-16.10.2014, Novi Sad, Serbia). Project delivered with the support of the International Visegrad Fund.

The project was filled with lively workshops, lecturers, team meetings, an exhibition and a catalogue, to which I contributed text. The project not only provided a practical solution to the poorly designed public spaces, but also stirred the local council into action. The documentation and publication can be accessed via the website:

MAIN IDEA: A subversive attitude towards the inadequate position of sculptures placed around Novi Sad. The site-specific actions focus on the idea, shape, proportions or other problems related to the particular sculpture and its environment. The main idea was to expose the politics of the city, not the citizens, who had been deprived of any influences over the city’s design.

Problem: Ballerina does not have a foot and her back is towards the theatre, where she loved to perform.
Solution: Attention placed on ballerina’s foot (shining prosthesis) and at the same time performing as an arrow towards the theatre.
Materials: Swarovski crystals, LED light inside.
Colour: Pink, violet, magenta

Problem: Wrong proportions
Solution: Painting gorilla’s skeleton over the statue
Materials: Fluorescent paint
Colour: Green and cyan

Problem: Janika cannot see his beloved fortress because of the inadequate position and a badly designed environment
Solution: Cutting tress and placing a mirror, which will reflect the fortress
Materials: Magnifying mirror, metal, glass
Colour: N/A

Problem: Lack of light and a place to sit on the square
Solution: Placing an oversized, shiny and mobile sofa
Materials: Plexiglass with LED light inside
Colour: Nacre (mother of pearl)

Problem: Inadequate shape and style of the sculptures placed within historical environment
Solution: Redesigning the place basing on the shape of the sculptures
Materials: Plexiglass and polyurethane
Colour: Shades of magenta


Klara Kondracka, student of the Architecture and Urban Planning
Maciej Dziekan, student of Photography
dr Paweł Flieger
dr Ania England

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